Dean interviews Maureen Skinner

Independent licensed psychological examiner and behavioral health care professional, Maureen Skinner is running for Arkansas Senate district 35.  It seems she has a good understanding why the incompetent, Jason Rapert (R) needs to be replaced. She has strong rational views for improving Arkansas for all citizens.  Enjoy listening to our conversation and support this promising candidates.

Welcome to the team Dean Flanagan

It would appear that I was not the only one in Arkansas who saw the need to introduce the voters in the state to our many fine liberal politicians.  Dean has been talking to Democratic politicians for some time as a member of the Arkansas Democratic Party and the Sebastion County Democrats.  He has recently been interviewing candidates and it was suggested that we join forces so I have extended the invitation and Dean has accepted.  

Ryan Carter for State Rep Dist 56

Ryan Carter is a young man from Corning, Arkansas who currently works at Walmart and is involved with the Young Democrats of Arkansas.  He's also busy traveling through the 56th district meeting with the electorate and spreading his message that they deserve someone in the state legislature who will work for THEM and not the special interest who receive the lion's share of attention in the state house.

Jared Henderson for Governor

The 39 year old Springdale native and former executive director of Arkansas' Teach for America has set his sights on the Governor's Mansion.  He has been campaigning across the state since mid December and has been to more than half the counties so far, and he's not showing any signs of slowing down.  I did manage to get him to slow down long enough to speak with me on day students across the nation were walking out of classrooms to protest inaction in congress to stem the tide of gun rampages that continue in America.

To find out more about Jared and to get involved go on over to his campaign website

and follow his campaign on Facebook

Young Democrats are ready to lead in Arkansas

The Democratic Party of Arkansas has a vibrant element in it's midst in the form of the younger generation.  Anyone who says that Millennials are not engaged and not interested in politics, need to speak to these two individuals.  I sat down with the President of the Young Democrats of Arkansas, Blake Ross, from Walnut Ridge and Tara Ward, candidate for city council from Conway, to get their views on what's going right and what they can do to bring their progressive values to the Democratic Party in Arkansas.