Kae Chatman

Kae Chatman is the current President of the Arkansas chapter of NOW the National Organization for Women and she was kind of enough to sit down with me and tell us about the work that she is doing for NOW and her life and experiences.  

Kae is a remarkable woman whose life has been as varied as working in military intelligence and becoming a company commander to her roll as an educator at the Arkansas State University Beebe and as the current President of the Arkansas chapter of NOW,

Maureen Skinner July 2018

Once again I got the chance to speak with Maureen Skinner, the Democratic candidate for the Arkansas Senate District 35.  A big part of our conversation this time concerned the separation of children from those coming across our southern borders.  Maureen says that she agrees with the American Psychiatric Association's statement on child separation.

Dean Interviews Josh Mahony

Josh Mahony is running for the US House of Representatives, representing the Arkansas 3rd Congressional district.    Josh is the past president of both the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund and the Ozark Literary Council Board of Directors.    He was born in Eldorado, AR, grew up on a horse farm, and is part-owner of his family's natural resources company. His mother, Alice Mahony, has been a leader in promoting public education and his uncle, Jodie Mahony, served a long time as an Arkansas state representative.    Josh and his wife, Rhianon DeLeeuw, live in Fayetteville along with their four loveable dogs.

You can find out more about Josh on his campaign website, his campaign page on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram

Dean interviews Maureen Skinner

Independent licensed psychological examiner and behavioral health care professional, Maureen Skinner is running for Arkansas Senate district 35.  It seems she has a good understanding why the incompetent, Jason Rapert (R) needs to be replaced. She has strong rational views for improving Arkansas for all citizens.  Enjoy listening to our conversation and support this promising candidates.

Welcome to the team Dean Flanagan

It would appear that I was not the only one in Arkansas who saw the need to introduce the voters in the state to our many fine liberal politicians.  Dean has been talking to Democratic politicians for some time as a member of the Arkansas Democratic Party and the Sebastion County Democrats.  He has recently been interviewing candidates and it was suggested that we join forces so I have extended the invitation and Dean has accepted.