A few thoughts on Ferguson


 Have we entered into a comic book land wherein the police have become Judge Dredd?

Has the crime of J walking become a capital offense without our knowledge? 

Is it now the norm that when a group decides to gather and protest the actions of our government they are met with police in armored vehicles and tactical response gear?  While a group that sets up road blocks and armed patrols when an agency of the government takes possession of cattle illegally grazing on public land, is responded to with a press conference? 

What are we to learn from these vastly different responses? 

Can it be simply naked racism?  Can it be that when faced with a group who are armed, the police are reluctant to "escalate the tensions" while showing no such hesitation towards an unarmed crowd who have ostensibly been angry but nonviolent? 

Neither of these scenarios are what we expect from our law enforcement agencies.  However, this is what we have seen, from Kent State and WTO Seattle through occupy and now Ferguson, Missouri. 

How do we police the police?