Rob Ryerse is a minister from Springdale, Arkansas and he wants to go to DC.  I think, if you live in the 3rd district you should give him your consideration.  He has been endorsed by Brand New Congress  

From his campaign website:

Robb Ryerse has been a minister for over 20 years. Today he co-pastors Vintage Fellowship, nestled in Northwest Arkansas, with his wife Vanessa. Vintage Fellowship is a radically different kind of church that welcomes all people and is a member of OPEN, a network of progressive-leaning churches. Robb is an Eisenhower Republican who wants to help lead the party back to their roots of responsible stewardship, personal liberty and equal opportunity for all -- qualities he finds lacking in today’s Republican leadership. After serving his Arkansas community as pastor for the last 12 years, Robb is answering a different call today: The call to run for United States Congress, bringing integrity and compassion back to the halls of government.

Now for the strategic reason that I am urging everyone in AR-3 to vote for Robb.  Arkansas has an open primary election.  The Democratic party has a candidate running in this district and he's probably a good guy.  I hope to talk to him someday soon and find out more about him, and post it here in fact.  But, that doesn't change the fact that historically this is a DEEP RED district and chances are that whoever wins the Republican Primary election will be going to Washington DC in 2019.  Now, the Democratic candidate is going to be on the ballot whether you vote for him or not, so WHY NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR OPEN PRIMARY and cross over to the Republican side and vote for Robb Ryerse?  Then we can have a choice between a democrat who will probably loose the general election anyway, and the best hope we can have in a republican and get Steve Womack out of the House of Representatives.