Maureen Skinner is running against Jason Rapert


Maureen Skinner is running for the State Senate seat currently held by Jason Rapert (R) the most reviled republican in the state, and that's quite an accomplishment.

Maureen is a licensed psychological examiner in Conway and she's on FacebookTwitter,  and even Snapchat ( I don't have a link to her snap, though ask her on twitter and I'm sure she will provide it to you )

Here is Maureen's contribution page at ActBlue and I encourage you to go and give her some money, she's going against a republican who has quite a lot of financial support so Maureen could really use anything you can donate.

Last week I got a chance to interview Maureen and I hope you will have a listen and encourage everyone you know to have a listen too.  I believe Maureen would be an excellent member of the Arkansas Senate and I hope you will as well.

Remember, the primary is May 22 so check your voter registration, make sure everything is correct and bring a friend.