Sarah Scanlon


Sarah Scanlon is the principal and founder of Southern Strategies, a progressive consultancy working to elect progressives and liberals across the country.  Former State Director for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, as well as the National LGBTQ Director of Outreach for the campaign.  Previously Sarah worked as a Deputy Director for Wellstone Action and prior to that she was a Regional Field Director for HRC (Human Rights Campaign)

Sarah got her start in politics fighting an odious anti-LGBT ballot proposition in Seattle, Washington in the late 1980's and went on to run the campaign for Mary Lou Dickerson (D) House of Representatives from 1995 to 2012 and for the first 3 years of Ms Dickerson's tenure she was her legislative assistant. 

A native of the Nettleton community in Jonesboro, Arkansas  Sarah now lives in Little Rock with her wife Barbara and their daughter Calliope

Want to get involved with politics, without running yourself?  You can, and be a force for good in the world just like Sarah and a good place to start is with organisations like The National Democratic Training Committee, Wellstone Action, Organising for Action, and Democracy for America

You can catch Sarah on her own talk show The Politics of Conviction