Leticia Sanders is also running for Governor of Arkansas


Leticia Sanders, a former letter carrier and currently a hair stylist in Maumelle was a surprise last minute entrant into the race for Governor on the Democratic field.  But Sanders has been planning and unofficially running since Feb 2017.  On the last day of filing to run and in the last hours available, Leticia Sanders paid her $12,000 filing fee in cash.  

I see everything that’s going on and it shouldn’t be going on. I’m here to make a difference, I’m here to make a change,” Sanders said, noting three issues she hoped to discuss on the campaign trail. “The justice system for one, the education system for another, our health issues is another.
— https://talkbusiness.net/2018/03/last-day-of-filing-generates-democratic-primary-for-governor/

Education, Healthcare, Legalisation of Marijuana, and Homeless are all issues top of mind for Leticia and she has plans for each of these problems.


You can find Leticia on her Campaign Page on Facebook    You can donate on Rally.org 


Leticia sat with me for an interview and here it is.


Big thanks to Dean Flanagan for the work he did editing this show.