Celeste Williams


Celeste Williams is a nurse practitioner from Belle Vista, and she is running for State House District 95.


From her website:

As a nurse I have spent over 20 years in my professional career caring for my community and the people I serve.  It is now time to care for the state of Arkansas and district 95 serving as a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives.  Becoming a nurse and then a nurse practitioner was an answer to a calling to reduce suffering through compassionate care and service to work to improve the lives of individuals in my community and practice.  Running for state office is again an answer to a call to now work to improve the lives of many.

My background:

My formal education has been in nursing, I obtained my associate degree at Oklahoma State University-OKC, my undergraduate degree at Southern Nazarene University, and my Masters Degree at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  I have worked in healthcare previously as a nurse in cardiac care, the emergency department and then in the intensive care unit.  For the past 6 years I have worked as a family practice nurse practitioner.  

My personal life:

I am married to my husband Kirk and we have 2 biological children.  We are also a foster family which takes both compassion, dedication, and consistency.  Being able to manage a house of 5 busy kids takes organization and patience, skills I am certain will come in handy in the state legislature.  

Extreme partisanship is destroying civil discourse and debate. We need new men and women in government who can work across the aisle and forge alliances for the betterment of our state. Patience, persistence and a dedication to compassionate service is what is needed to create change.

You can find out more about Celeste Williams from her campaign website, campaign Facebook page, and you can donate to her campaign and follow her on Twitter