Income Inequality

What do we mean when we talk about income inequality? How bad is it? What can we do about it?

Dr Gary Latanich, Professor Emeritus of Economics from ASU Jonesboro, joins Scott and Dr Dean for a discussion on the topic of income inequality.

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Dean Interviews Greg Leding

Greg Leding is from North West Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas. He entered the world of graphic design and marketing but answered the call to serve his community as Fayetteville's State representative for district 86 in 2011. There, though a progressive voice he has found common ground in several successful acts to improve the lives of Arkansans. Now Greg at age 40 is running for the Arkansas Senate, district 4.

Dean Interviews Stele James

Stele Wayne James was raised in rural Arkansas on a farm, educated by the public school systems of Scott and Yell County. Stele served in the Arkansas Army National Gaurd for over a decade and fought in two conflicts in the United States Army. When discharged he returned home to a fight - but as an advocate for veterans like himself. He served the Texas Veterans commission as a Veterans Employment Representative and later as the Director of Veteran Services for Benton County Arkansas.

After the passing of the family Patriarch, Stele answered his family's call to return to the farm in Gravelly Arkansas. Stele farmed his Grandmothers cattle and began a herd of his own and began growing vegetables for the local farmers markets. He is marred to the wonderful and talented Lacey James, a registered nurse serving patients with in home care for Kindred and continues to help patients in rehab at Mena Arkansas. Stele and Lacey are the proud parents of two farm boys, Kian who is age 10 and Lil' Stihl who is 2.

Stele's life has been shaped by Arkansas and reflects its warm loving open nature with a smile and a love for its natural beauty and resilient and defiant people. "Stele Wayne", as he is known, loves his family, faith and the outdoors. They love to fish, hunt, and explore our public lands, WMA's, State Parks and National Forests, and spend many days following their squirrel dogs hunting or just out scouting.

Stele James is a Christian and considers Christ's love to be the foundation of his moral compass. His faith provides a stable platform from which his own brand of Democratic political ideology, in Stele Waynes' own words: "I am a different Democrat."

You can find more information about Stele on his website or on his Facebook page and you can Donate to his campaign.  He even welcomes phone calls 479-393-9354 and email

Dean interviews Maureen Skinner

Independent licensed psychological examiner and behavioral health care professional, Maureen Skinner is running for Arkansas Senate district 35.  It seems she has a good understanding why the incompetent, Jason Rapert (R) needs to be replaced. She has strong rational views for improving Arkansas for all citizens.  Enjoy listening to our conversation and support this promising candidates.

Welcome to the team Dean Flanagan

It would appear that I was not the only one in Arkansas who saw the need to introduce the voters in the state to our many fine liberal politicians.  Dean has been talking to Democratic politicians for some time as a member of the Arkansas Democratic Party and the Sebastion County Democrats.  He has recently been interviewing candidates and it was suggested that we join forces so I have extended the invitation and Dean has accepted.